When separate tickets are issued in separate PNR tickets, the customer`s baggage is checked in to the final destination of the American 001 ticket. The customer is responsible for the baggage fee on the second ticket when the baggage is re-checked by the oneworld airline. This may include exiting the secure area to claim the luggage and check it again. International flights may require customs clearance and re-examination of the other carrier to the final destination. If your trip includes multiple tickets and/or trips with more than one airline, your baggage fees and rules may be set by the other airline. Please check your ticket or call Alaska Airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522 to determine flight rules and travel fees. In the cases listed below, if more than one ticket is presented, Delta will continue to check the baggage from the original to the final destination. After the end of your Southwest flight, you must pick up your bag at the baggage locker and check in Hawaii for the next part of your trip. Theodoros Krokidas, President and CEO of Sky Express, added: “We are pleased to announce another Interline agreement, particularly with major brands such as Air France and KLM. We are convinced that this agreement will significantly improve the movement of people and tourism development in the Greek islands. Sky Express will continue to focus on the development of its network and will play an important role in domestic air transport.

I expected to see something like a big “NOPE! but instead, there is no mention of the baggage hole. Choosing to take the airline for your location flight can make the difference between an almost seamless connection or a feeling of already seen, where you have to do the entire airport check-in process again. This means you have to land, go to the baggage locker, pick up your luggage, return to the departure lane, re-check your luggage and return for security. If your international flight departs from a major airport such as JFK, LAX or O`Hare, you must also take a train between the terminals and all your luggage (unless you cannot yet do so at O`Hare). Air France KLM and FlySafair entered into an Interline agreement that came into force on 11 December. This is not the case if the two airlines you fly have an Interline baggage agreement. These agreements go to booking airfares with other airlines as well as accommodation for latecomers, but what we are interested in are baggage rules.



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