Hello, I`m in a vacuum for my husband in a very serious case. I pray that all the servitudes that prevent him from prospering spiritually and finally be broken. The Bible says that if the woman is a believer, but the man does not, He will bless the man for the woman. (Do I understand that correctly?) My husband is a child of God, but I believe that he is blinded and does not see his own faults. Then the Lord should bless him even more, if I ask him. I like it very much. I can`t stand to see him suffer. He`s got a lot of addicts, and it only fills him up briefly and mentally. I pray for a prayer warrior who tires with me in this matter. The Lord never showed me anyone.

In the meantime, pray for me. I work on the secrets of prayer, I fast and I pray. I believe that God and Jesus are trying to tell us, with the concrete wording of this verse, that there is an extreme power in collective prayer – where a group of believers all marry in one unity, in harmony and in agreement with what they will pray before the Lord. It was a very good article, but I ask where the author read “perfect or accurate” correspondence in the worms quoted. In Matthew 18:19-20 no, where he says “perfect correspondence” in most of the translations I read it said “… if two of you on Earth agree on anything… The only thing I suspect is that it might have something to do with the Greek translation, and if that is the case, it should be said. Otherwise, if that is the author`s opinion, it should also be said. Not two people will ever agree “perfectly,” not possible.

We are human beings and we all have their own perspective. Only the Holy Trinity fully agrees. The other thing is minor, but verse 20 has also been cited and unrecognized. If God wants to associate you from time to time with other believers, it means that you need other good Christian friends, who can immediately call you and ask them to pray with you in agreement and agreement. Many of you already have good prayer partners with whom you can do so. On the one hand, there will be your own life of personal prayer that you will develop with the Lord. On the other hand, you will associate yourself with some of the most powerful and best prayer warriors you can find, so that you may be ready, if God calls you to approach him with this prayer of concord. Now, if we agree with someone, it is important that we choose our prayer partner wisely. Better yet, ask the Lord to lead you to the person you are praying with and agree with them. Because if that person doesn`t really agree (and he can`t agree with something they don`t believe in), then there`s no prayer of agreement – the principle is not in effect! Yes, it takes “two or more” to accept, and they have to believe they agree. Yes, beyond the prayer of salvation, the prayer of unification is the most powerful prayer that can be recited. But it is also one of the most abused teachings in the kingdom of God.

Yes, the power of the prayer of concordance is only unlocked if we recognize all that it really is and follow Jesus` instructions on how we should use it. It is a key to the kingdom that can be used in conjunction with the tether and loss in His name! But if these elements are assembled as Jesus had planned, we have all the support of heaven behind this prayer.



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