With regard to offline/B2B models, two of the sales and delivery documents for the sale and supply of goods or products in the UK; two are suitable for use in international supplies. Different proposals are needed, as English law applies different rules for both types of contracts. These types of sales contracts are either “standard” or “premium.” In addition to all the conditions contained in the standard documents, the premium sales documents contain optional provisions that include confidentiality obligations, product liability rights, intellectual property infringement rights, early termination of contract and price modification by the supplier, as well as a more detailed ownership reserve obligation. The terms of this agreement are adapted to a large number of goods and services as well as a number of medium- and long-term contract terms. Purchase and delivery contracts serve a variety of purposes. Whether the payment should be adjusted to take into account the surplus or lack of goods for which a contract has been agreed should also be addressed. If the supply contract allows for a tolerance greater than a very low amount, a proportional price adjustment can be expected. For example: you indicate (sometimes by referring to another document) the goods or products to be supplied and the price to be paid by the buyer. They give the guarantees and assurances that the supplier gives with regard to goods or products – and does not give (z.B. is the goods suitable for a specific use?). You should describe the delivery process in detail and also spread the risk and responsibility for losses during delivery. Sales contracts may stipulate that the seller retains ownership of the goods until payment (also known as the property reserve). Delivery contracts: Below you will find an overview of some of the most important general conditions under the standard conditions of delivery of goods.

Even if the parties have not examined in detail the duration of the contract, they will almost certainly have taken into account the price to be paid. If there is no explicit agreement on prices, there will be a tacit clause that the buyer should pay a reasonable price (section 8, Property Sale Act 1979).



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