Global agreements are being negotiated between global trade unions and multinational companies. They protect the interests of workers in all multinational enterprises and set standards for trade union rights. The Global Framework Agreement also covers the rights of trade unions and underlines our commitment to ensuring a positive working environment with the right to freedom of association, as well as a healthy balance of work and private life, in line with the joint declarations previously signed with the UEWC. In a globalized economy, global and regional framework agreements and joint declarations have proven to be a valuable tool in preventing violence and harassment. Some agreements between NSMs and global trade union organizations have been used to address gender equality issues in global supply chains. Many women work in global production plants, sometimes located in export processing areas (EPCs) in emerging and developing countries, some of which are covered by framework agreements, but many are not. However, challenges and gaps in the achievement of fundamental rights and decent work are well documented in many CPEs, where collective bargaining is rare and women workers are particularly vulnerable to harassment and discrimination (ILO, 2017, paragraph 5); Morris and Pillinger, 2016; Hadwiger, 2015). The Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA) between IndustriALL and German retailer Tchibo was signed in September 2016 and the parties continue to work towards its effective implementation. As part of the ongoing implementation of the Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA), IndustriALL Global Union and H-M met to establish a National Monitoring Committee (NMC) in India. The agreement was made possible by the basis laid down by the European members of UNI Finance and by the strong tradition of social dialogue within the Bank. The Bank has already concluded three European agreements, which are part of its European Social Charter, covering the main themes of employment, gender equality and stress prevention.

IndustriALL Global Union has renewed and strengthened its Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with Siemens Gamesa, the world leader in wind turbine production. Current agreementsIndustriALL has existing GFAs with the following multinationals. Click on each company to see more information and the text of the contract. 1UNI Global Union is a global trade union confederation of skills and services that brings together national and regional trade unions. It represents more than 20 million workers in more than 150 countries. IndustriALL Global Union renewed its Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GFA) with The Italian energy company ENI on 21 June at a meeting in Athens, Greece. Following the signing in January 2018 of the Comprehensive Framework Agreement (GMC) between Finnish multinational Stora Enso, the global endices unions IndustriALL, IBB and UNI, the social partners held the first biennial meeting of the Implementation and Review Committee in Helsinki on 3 June. The common commitment applies to all Unilever supply chain organizations that have implemented or are in the process of implementing the common commitment, including redress mechanisms. The joint commitment states: “Unilever, IUF and IndustriALL reaffirm their shared commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion among Unilever`s non-executive staff.” He points out that “…

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace is an essential foundation for promoting a culture of inclusion and diversity,” and … Victims of sexual harassment receive unlimited protection and support throughout the process and its outcome. It goes beyond similar global commitments made between SMEs and global trade unions by stating that in situations where women workers face significant risks (. For example, in plantations that employ large numbers of temporary workers) and where a high number of women are supervised by a majority of men, “specific awareness and training actions should be agreed and implemented by management and the union.” A joint Unilever-IUF-IndustriALL diversity working group has been established to oversee the



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