26.2 Absence due to illness or incapacity to work does not end with worker`s leave credits or health and social security benefits, as more than 20,000 T employees are represented in this agreement by 11 different unions and are covered by 23 separate collective agreements. This website was created to keep you informed of collective bargaining and related activities. It is regularly updated. The university and OpsEU 519, which represent the campus police, agreed to begin negotiations on a collective renewal agreement on March 30, 2018. To date, the University and the Union have had four negotiating dates and have agreed to continue negotiations until the summer. Our goal is, as always, to conduct productive and constructive rounds of negotiations in order to reach a collective agreement. Last year, the university entered into fourteen collective agreements with five different unions representing more than 15,000 employees. 25.8 When an urgent family matter requires the absence of a worker at work, the worker may, with the agreement of the company, take up to two (2) working days of sick leave, pursuant to Article 26, for that absence or absence during each year of collective agreement. The authorisation of the latter is not unduly accepted. An employee may receive at least half a day (4 hours) of leave at any time.

24.1 On agreement between the head of department and the employee, the worker may accumulate compensatory leave for work performed during a regular eight(8) hours day or for work on a day off or on a public holiday. 39.5 It is expressly agreed that the use of an employee`s car is not mandatory in the performance of the company`s activities, and they may refuse it under normal circumstances. However, in an emergency, an employee`s agreement to use his car is not unduly accepted. In the absence of agreement on the adequacy of the new classification or on the level of salary, each party may refer the matter to an arbitrator referred to in this agreement. The arbitrator has the authority of an arbitrator of interest and makes a final decision of the case, notwithstanding a provision of that agreement that would otherwise limit the authority of the arbitrator. Collective renewal contracts concluded and ratified in 2018: as witnesses, the parties of which resulted in the implementation of this agreement by their authorized representatives on 27 August 2015 in the City of New Westminster. The Union agrees to consider, on an individual basis, the granting of exemptions with regard to working time and the time frames provided by the collective agreement if these exemptions promote and continue training in the workplace, subject to the agreement of the person concerned. In the event of a conflict between the collective agreement and the personal service contract, the collective agreement applies. However, if the personal employment contract exceeds the terms of the contract or sets conditions of employment when the collective agreement is silent, the employment contract applies.

Such contracts may include a non-compete clause in the Vancouver broadcast area.



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