New Age insurance company Acko General Insurance today announced a strategic link with UrbanClap, a market place for mobile services. Acko has developed an accident insurance product for the most successful urbanclap professionals, also known as “partner”. and any other website of Urban Clap or its resellers operated, operated, licensed or controlled by Urban Clap or its resellers. Kulin Shah, vice president of partnerships at Acko, said: “At Acko, we develop innovative products to ensure that it`s easy for consumers to insure in different aspects of their daily lives. This partnership with UrbanClap, India`s largest home service platform, is an seamless integration of two customer-focused brands that focus on the best user experience. With this partnership, Acko is advancing its programming and easy calling processes for UrbanClap professionals. In a speech on the partnership, Manish Kumar, MD and CEO, NSDC, said the demand for professional services would increase if cities became smarter. “This is a great opportunity for professionals at all levels,” he said. When you download a smartphone, download the partner application UrbanClap Varun Khaitan, co-founder, at UrbanClap: “Our partners are the backbone of UrbanClap and we are always looking for ways to add value to their lives. We are pleased to work with Acko to offer this insurance coverage to our top-performing partners in the first place, as they are committed to providing users with the most cost-effective insurance product, while ensuring ease of use and a seamless experience. This is UrbanClap`s first initiative and an excellent tool to reward and retain our partners.

Bahl also informed that the start-up has about 20,000 service partners and has about 25K – 30K services in one day. Access “Software” a computer program of any kind, run by Urban Clap or a third party, provided by download, CD, other media or other modes of deployment, including customer and/or network security software. Software components are protected by copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition and other laws. Software includes both urban clap software and third-party software. Their use of the software is subject to the corresponding agreements, such as a licensing agreement or a user agreement, which are attached or provided to the software, order documents, parts, etc. UrbanClap will create micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for pmKVY 2.0 certified candidates and train 30,000 new partners next year. This will be done through short-term qualification and training programs. As part of the agreement, NSDC UrbanClap will help to become a 100% Skill India certified organization under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana`s (PMKVY) RPL component.



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